Libérer le trésor

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La Fondation les petits trésors has a new interative platform which allows you to create your own event benefiting our foundation and to be able to follow its evolution in real time! You could support your friends who are already involved in an event on Libérer le trésor, you could create your own event to contribute to the foundation's achievements or simply encourage any of the current events that calls you!

Why get involved? Because the mental health of our children has been neglected for far too long. Not so long ago, it just wasn’t talked about. Families would choose to cut themselves off rather than face the shaming and finger-pointing. The inappropriate behaviours illness can sometimes cause are often blamed on poor parenting. The truth is completely different.

Mental health is still a major taboo, even more so when talking about the mental health of children.

Because we know more about what’s happening on Mars than we do about how our brain works.

Because one out of five children and teenagers experiences mental health issues; if nothing is done, their health may worsen and compromise their future. That means we stand to lose everything 20% of tomorrow’s adults have to contribute. We cannot afford to deprive ourselves of all this human capital.

Because it might be your child, or the neighbour’s, a close friend’s, or a family member’s.

Because being healthy also includes your mind.

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